The Aertssen Group is a Belgian family business, established in 1964, which has grown to one of the leading earth moving, heavy lift and heavy transport contractors in Europe. Aertssen Machinery Services (AMS) is a heavy lifting and heavy transport company active in the Middle East. Our offices are located in Qatar, UAE and Oman, but we also have activities in Egypt and Kuwait.  Our Middle East crane and heavy lift division is specialized in the field of vertical and horizontal heavy transport. We provide a wide range of mobile telescopic cranes (Tandano, Liebherr), telescopic crawler cranes (Hitachi & Terex), lattice boom crawler cranes, mobile tower cranes and SPMTs (Self Propelled Modular Trailers). Furthermore we have a broad fleet of trucks and trailers.

Not only do we work on a rental basis, but far more on a contracting basis. Our specialized engineering department can provide many additional services to make sure we have the right approach for every project. Our experience in combination with the entrepreneurial approach is what makes Aertssen Machinery Services well appreciated by all of our clients.

Corporate social responsibility

Aertssen is fully committed to building the future. We do so by investing in our people, our environment and our customers.

Our employees are the strong foundation of our company and projects :

  • Provide training to keep their know-how up-to-date and stimulate talents.
  • Health policy to protect employees against disease and work-related stress, from a flu jab to ergonomic advice.
  • Provide tilting cabins, adjustable seats and automatic gearshifts to reduce the physical burden on our lorry drivers.

An eye for the environment:

Aertssen thinks ‘green’. We do not just spare the environment, we also reduce our costs. That is why we take specific, environmentally friendly steps:

  • Our newest machines and company cars consume a minimum of fuel and reduce our polluting emissions.
  • Aertssen focuses on transport by water to the greatest possible extent.
  • By means of solar panels and a lighting system that adapts to daylight we save on energy.

Focus on our customers:
Together we are strong. That is why we involve our customers in the Aertssen family, by means of transparent, direct communication about our investments plans and vision for the future.

Education & Training

The foundation of our company - and therefore your project - is provided by our People, our staff.

They are the key to our company and making the most of your project. No matter how complicated or large it may be, our people will finish the job.

Our training programs?
The skillful, high-quality and reliable approach of our people makes the difference. Aertssen obviously refreshes these assets by means of training and courses at the Aertssen Training Center.

Thanks to our VCA safety training, our clients can rest assured: our experts set to work with expertise and safety.

Are you deploying one of our crane operators? You can count on a well-trained individual; his intensive basic “crane operator” training is refreshed after one year and complemented with a training to get the TCVT crane operator license.

The training IS-001 “forklift truck”, IS-006 “securing critical loads”, and IS-005 “self-driving telescopic crane” are also included in the same training package.

We send our truck drivers on the road without worrying about them, because the refresher course “professional skill” keeps their knowledge up-to-date. Moreover, the Aertssen Training Centre is famous for the “driving and rest periods, analog and digital tachograph”, “load securing” and “aware and efficient on the road”, “waybill and European accident statement” and “initiation first aid for the transport sector” modules.

Scope of work

  • Design & engineering
Each complex heavy lifting job starts with the design & engineering of a lifting plan. Critical factors, such as ground bearing pressure, maximum wind speed, capacity, element dimensions and weight etc … are being used to develop a detailed lifting plan. Our engineering team will develop lifting plans according to your wishes in 2 or 3D. This realistic reproduction of the assignment ensures efficient, fast and safe execution of all manipulations. Not only our customers but also our crane operators, safety personnel and engineers, profit.
  • Preparation & mobilisation
The operational mobilization of the job starts well advance to the first lift. The transport and assembly plans are prepared to check feasibility, daily pre-job meetings are held to make sure all elements are covered during these delicate assignments to cover smooth operations.
  • Job supervision & execution
A final check on all critical parameters, like emax and wind speed, is done in the toolbox meeting. When everything is safe to proceed, the lifting begins. With utmost attention to detail, our operators effectively manage to secure the elements to be lifted in place. No matter how high, wide, tall and heavy the elements are, Aertssen gets the job done.



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