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ONSHORE - Helium 3 Project

Transportation, mobile cranes and crawler cranes, engineering and supervision, the Helium 3 Project required the full package. During this long term project, Aertssen was in charge of the transportation and installation of multiple helium gas tanks. A perfect job for the extendable 7-axle low bed in combination with a 280 ton crawler crane. 

The smaller mobile cranes such as a Tadano GR800EX with fly jib and a Liebherr LTM1060, were used for lifting steel supports in place. The small work area and precision lifting made it a challenging but interesting project.

ONSHORE - Tailing of oxy reactor for QVS - Mesaieed (QA)

Over in 2013 AMS was contacted for the tailing of 336 Ton oxyreactor on Qatar Venyl Site.  For this operation detailed lifting plans have been outlined and our Terex CC2800-1 with 54m main boom was mobilized.  A Terex AC500-2  was used as tailing crane.

The weight of the reactor was 336 Ton with a length of 31m.

OFFSHORE – construction of oil & gas processing unit and storage tanks on Zirku Island (UAE)

Construction of a facility on Zirku Island to separate gas from crude oil collected in the SARB and Umm Al Lulu oil fields. The oil and gas processing facility to be constructed in Zirku Island has a daily capacity of 200,000 barrels of oil, equivalent to 160,000 200-liter drums, and 35 million cubic feet of gas.

For this project, AMS shipped a 145 mobile Crane and a 150ton Crawler Crane to Zirku Island.

For another client AMS is assisting the construction of a 7th Crude Oil Storage Tank with a total capacity of with capacity of 1­million barrels.

ONSHORE - Lifting of Steel Jacket from Oil rig onto a Barge (UAE)

When Denholm Yam needed to lift two steel jackets from an oil rig, it was to AMS that they turned for help, and with good reason. Before being placed on to barges, the steel jackets needed to be carefully changed from a horizontal to a vertical position – never an easy task, especially with constructions weighing 261 tons apiece. The AMS solution was  to use four cranes: two main cranes with a 400 tons capacity and two 280 tons-capacity cranes to help control the jackets while they were being moved. All four cranes needed to be coordinated, since the movement of one crane  would inevitably affect the movement of the others. The process was facilitated by the AMS extensive planning and 3D drawings demonstrating how the operation should proceed. Conducted with minute precision and the utmost  care, this resulted in the jackets being successfully laid flat in just four hours.

Loading the jackets on to the barge once again required that the cranes should work in tandem, although on this  occasion only two cranes were involved. The cranes and counterweights needed to be aligned at all times. And once again careful preparation, combined with deep engineering, extensive experience and raw know-how enabled us to bring the job to a safe and successful conclusion.

OFFSHORE - Shuttdown of Adma refinery on Das Island (UAE)

Shutdowns and turnarounds sometimes require a considerable amount of lifting and transport activities in a short time frame and on a restricted surface area.

Furthermore, the situation requires extensive discussions and communication between all the parties involved. With such operations, literally every minute counts, because the factory has to be up and running again as soon as possible, without losing sight of safety aspects. Aertssen is happy to take on this coordination, so that you can look back on the completed downtimes with satisfaction and be confident about the next one.


The Adma refinery on Das Island was temporarily shut down to allow for an expansion project. Meanwhile, numerous offshore lifting projects neededbto be outsourced. Given its ability to plan, engineer, provide equipment and perform such heavy lifts, AMS was the perfect partner and its extensive experience with construction and deconstruction for the oil and gas industry ensured an entirely smooth operation.

ONSHORE - Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project (UAE)

AMS assisted  in the expansion of UAE’s largest downstream facility to double it’s capacity to more than 800,000 barrels a day.  The facility started commissioning in 2015 and during the expansion AMS rented out various cranes for construction of jetty; general construction works; erection of storage tanks, boilers & pressure tanks.  We installed 12 major components weighing up to 213ton.  The largest item was 62m tall.

OFFSHORE – integrated Gas development expansion project on Das Island (UAE)

AMS has been chosen as preferred partner to assist with numerous lifting activities during expansion of the refinery.

Numerous offshore lifting projects supporting construction of new facilities on Das island, to increase offshore processing facilities, including land reclamation.

AMS assisted with providing lifting plans, ground bearing studies, method statement and risk assessments.  In total 7 cranes (mobile and crawler cranes) were shipped to Das Island.

ONSHORE - Expansion of Borouge 3 (UAE)

Assembly & installation of Silo’s; Hire of multiple mobile Cranes with operator and CNIA Gate pass for Heavy Lift Services; manipulation of storage tanks at lump sum price.

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