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Installation of Al Rayyan stadium roof structures

March 31, 2018

Aertssen Machinery Services was responsible for part of the lifting package for the magnificent Al Rayyan stadium in Doha. This package awarded included the lifting and installment of the heavy steel studs on the roof of the stadium. These studs were lifted by the 280ton crawler crane. Engineering and supervision services were also required to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Installation of Al Wakrah Stadium roof structure

May 03, 2018

Aertssen Machinery Services was also involved in the construction of the beautiful Al Wakrah stadium. This complete lifting package included some spectacular tandem lifts executed by two Terex cc2800-1 cranes. The heaviest truss weighted around 366 ton and was installed at a height of 92 meter. Besides these two giants, a Hitachi SCX2800-2 and a Tadano GR600X attributed as well.

Construction of first Stadium for Worldcup 2022 : Khalifa Stadium, Doha, Qatar

AMS has been chosen as a preferred lifting partner to assist in the total renovation and upgrade of the Khalifa Stadium in Doha.  Activities involved are : dismantling existing construction, erection of new steel structure and  installation of steel structure for the main roof and arch.

A total of 6 Cranes were mobilized to execute the delicate lifting operations : 1 Terex CC2800-1, 2 Terex CC2400-1, 2  Hitachi SCX1500/3 and 1 unit Liebherr LTM1220.

Aertssen also provided lifting plans, ground bearing studies, method statement & risk assessment

Lifting roof structures for Louvre Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Louvre Museum is one of the most important projects in the development of the Abu Dhabi tourist sector. AMS is proud to have played a part in this by providing, erecting and operating a 600 tons crawler crane enabling steel structures to be installed during the construction of the museum building.

Once this stage of the project was completed, AMS was then required to dismantle the cranes. Removing a 13.5 tons tower crane with a 135-metre radius is no simple task and necessitated detailed planning, considerable patience and an incredible level of care.

The museum’s splendid interior is matched by a roof that is a work of art in itself. Weighing more than 7,000 tons, heavier therefore than the Eiffel Tower, and consisting of 400,000 pieces, this roof needed to be lifted and positioned using the utmost care.

AMS drafted extensive plans and also composed a 3D engineering simulation. Equipment needs were also discussed and the decision was made to ship a CC2800 crane from Belgium. This crane was constructed, tested and then used to place the roof on the museum with absolute precision. The job was completed ahead of schedule.

Erection of 2 airport hangars at Muscat Airport, Oman

A first for Aertssen in the magnificent Sultanate of Oman. 


The total project, worth over $5billion, was divided into several packages.  The JV Mobilift & Partners and Aertssen Machinery Services was contracted  for the full lifting services to complete 2 airplane hangars, this  from engineering until completion of all lifting activities. The package Aertssen received in the JV was to lift all heavy items for the steel structure for these enormous Hangars.  Therefore we used 2 Terex CC2400-1 (400tons Crawler cranes) and 2 Hitachi SCX 1500/3 as assistants cranes.  The hangars covers almost 18,000 sq. meters and have a span of 100 meters each


To complete this job, Aertssen’s comprehensive engineering knowledge was combined with our historic experience and knowhow in lifting complicated and heavy-weight steel structures.  During this project AMS completed at least 10 tandem lifts of which 8 box trusses of 168ton and 2 door trusses of 386 tons needed to be put in place .  The latter had to be performed with utmost care and precision as 8 lifting points were used to lift these elements and put in place.  For lifting one of the door trusses the operators and cranes held the element for 48 hours in place as this the time it took to seal the truss in the structure.  Critical factors, such as ground bearing pressure, maximum wind speed, capacity, element dimensions and weight etc … were used to develop detailed lifting plans.


Aertssen did not only complete the erection activities but was also in charge of full engineering, lift supervision, testing and rigging operations.  All perfectly executed in close cooperation with our customer, TigerSteel, and our JV Partner in Oman, Mobilift & Partners.

Construction of New International Airport Terminal at Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi’s most important airport must soon be able to handle some 30 million passengers per annum. For this, a complete new terminal is required. AMS is helping out by renting its 60m CC2800 SWSL luffing boom crane, with a 72m jib.

This allows for the placement of steel structures weighing between 40 and 92 tons to complete the special designed arch. The MTB roof span is 319 meters at the widest point with 18 arches, the largest of which is 180 meters and 52 meters high.

As of March 2016, the crane’s task will be finished. It will then have worked for nearly a year on the construction of the airport, which must be completed by December 2016.

Construction of accommodation and utilities for artificial islands Zakum and SARB Islands

Aertssen assisted in the building of accommodation for visitors and workers being constructed in the Zakum Development Company’s (ZADCO) offshore oil field development, 84 km off the coast of Abu Dhabi and SARB Island.


In total over 20 Mobile and crawler Cranes were transported to the South, North, West and central Zakum, and SAR Island.

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